Bloomberg Aptitude Test (BAT)


The Bloomberg Aptitude Test (BAT) is an online test that assesses undergraduate and recent graduate financial knowledge, skills and abilities. The examination is designed by specialists, academics and professionals from the financial sphere. The main aim of the BAT is to help students find work and to gain insight into their potential for positions in the financial industry.

The BAT contains 11 sections and is split into 2 groups: Financial Knowledge and Career Skills. The test is in English and has 155 multiple choice questions.

The questions are designed to introduce you to real world scenarios you may find in your future career. The test is completely anonymous and assesses your skills in applying what you have learnt during your degree to solving practical problems.

You can take the test here, at the university campus, or at a Bloomberg office. The first time you take the test it is free of charge. You can re-sit the test as many times as you like, but each additional attempt costs 50 dollars.