Salutació del Degà

Andreu Sansó Rosselló. Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Enterprise

Welcome to the Faculty of Economics and Enterprise at the University of the Balearic Islands, a benchmark in Economics and Business Management teaching in the Balearic Islands. The Faculty evolved out of the former Faculty of Economic and Business Sciences and the University College of Business Studies, the latter institution being originally founded as the Palma Business School in 1907.

The faculty here at the UIB campus in Palma offers two degree courses, Economics and Business Administration and Management, whilst alongside the Faculty of Law we also offer the dual-degree in Business Administration and Management, and Law. In turn, the Business Administration and Management course may also be taken at the Minorca and Ibiza campuses.

We aim to offer quality teaching geared towards fully developing our students' professional and personal skills. In this vein, our teaching includes external placements at economic businesses and institutions. Moreover, as well as attended lectures, the University of the Balearic Islands and the Faculty promote independent learning by providing a virtual campus filled with resources.

In terms of international outlooks, students have the option of taking the two degrees offered by the faculty in English with around 50% of teaching done in the language. Furthermore, in order to be awarded the degree students need to demonstrate they have attained a minimum B2 level in English, as set out in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. The faculty has a large student exchange programme with around forty universities from Europe, America and Asia that enables around one hundred of our students to spend time at institutions there every year. In turn, our faculty welcomes students from over 40 different countries and is home to 11% of all students at the UIB. A significant number of our teaching and research staff are also international with six different nationalities currently represented.

In addition to teaching, the faculty collaborates in achieving the objectives set for the university, such as research, innovation and promotion of knowledge.

I would like to take advantage of this brief introduction to encourage students to explore and enjoy the many extracurricular opportunities offered at the university such as, sports activities, clubs and associations, cultural activities and participation in the university's governing bodies.

Please contact us for further information on our courses and teaching, or to put forward any suggestions.

Andreu Sansó Rosselló
Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Enterprise